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Panoramic Evaluation

Dr. Barett Andreasen, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiologist

Panoramic radiographs are a key component of patient screening and treatment planning; however, these radiographs are only as good as your ability to recognize and detect abnormalities.  A methodical and systematic approach to panoramic evaluation is critical to ensure all significant findings are identified.

To test your own routine, print off a panoramic on a paper and trace the path your eyes take while evaluating the panoramic. Identify areas that you may unintentionally ignore and work those areas into your routine.  Using this method has allowed me to hone and refine my own approach to panoramic evaluations, ensuring that I am able to detect all significant findings. You'll also find that as you develop your routine that it is significantly faster and efficient than a haphazard search through the x-ray.

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